How to Get More YouTube Views

Social Media

The number one way to get more YouTube views is to get other people to share your video. It can be just one person or a group of friends. In either case, you will be able to get a higher number of YouTube views if you can find an excellent method to advertise your video.

Getting people’s attention

The first thing you want to do to buy YouTube views is to become the source of people’s attention. You will not be able to get many views by merely posting a video of yourself and taking all the credit. It can turn into a negative connotation to your video. It would help if you convinced others that you are worth viewing, so start your advertising campaign in the same place your video is.

Creating thumbnails that link to your video

You will want to create a thumbnail image that people can look at when they are watching your video. You can use an actual picture of you can get a professional portrait shot of yourself. These pictures can be anything from a large digital camera photo to an elaborate photo of your face. It is a great way to make your face as prominent as possible in your video. When you have these pictures, you can add a simple video thumbnail to your video and leave it on the front page of YouTube for others to view.

The next step is to take the thumbnail and link it to your video. By doing this, you are letting people know what your video is about and why it is the best way to watch it. For example, you can tell how it will make you look if you use your thumbs for the next ten seconds. Even if you are selling information, you can include audio and video clips to show people why your video is so important.

When you have your thumbnail and a link to your video, you can then click on your video and then publish it. Once you submit it, your video will automatically go live on YouTube, and the more views you get, the higher up on the homepage of your video will be. It will eventually move to the top of the website.

Editing your videos

After you have made the video, you can go back and correct it. You may want to take out any parts that were annoying to watch. You want to make sure that you are as excited about the video as possible so that it will end up catching people’s attention.

Posting your videos on other Medias

After you have your video submitted, there are a few things you can do to ensure that it gets the most views possible. You can post it on other websites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also send email newsletters out to those whom you think might be interested in your video.

Using automated software

The next thing you can do is use automated software to get your view counts going. Some programs are entirely automating, so you will not have to do anything. You will have no input into what happens to your video.

Buy youtube views

These programs work in a few different ways. Some allow you to pay them a fee to pay someone else to post your video. Other programs will post your video, and then you can pay the other person to have their name put in your video.

Some programs will help you set up and upload your video. They will ask you for instructions on how to create a video and then get it posted. Then you will be able to see how many people view your video. The program will also let you keep track of your statistics so you can see what is working and what isn’t.

Getting comments on your video

Another option to buy YouTube views is to have a community and let people vote on it. The more people who comment on a video, the better its chances of getting more views. It can take a while, though, and it will still be best to get as many people as possible to watch your video to maximize your results.

Do not dismiss these options when you are considering buying views because many people purchase videos just like you to advertise their products. Just remember that you will get more if you are not afraid to be unorthodox.