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There have been cases Of unethical tuition coordinators where they ask the tutor to tell lies to the parents when they meet them. Parents trust the tuition service and would not check the tutors’ certificates. Some lies which were told that they come from a school in Singapore, or include being older than the coach is, a few years. Some of these things will not be checked.

How Many parents request a tutor’s Identification Card to examine the age?

Most would not. Is to examine certification of the coaches to the A or O level results, and I bet you that many do not do this step of check. It is easy; they expect that because they pay them to do 18, the tuition agencies / coordinators. Thus, The absolute most important thing when the trust is put in you to do is to be honest about everything. Tell them that you cannot find them a mentor if the client is requirements are too high. Sometimes it is actually tricky to find someone from a high school with 8 A1s in their level examinations. Does not necessarily mean they can teach. Someone with 4B3s and 4A1s can do the job.

Then, You promise them that you will do everything you can to get the secondary level physics tuition singapore. Clients will appreciate it that you are honest with them. It is much better to be honest than to lie and be found. Your reputation is gone and they would not come to you. If family and their friends ask for a recommendation, then you can make certain your name is not in it. You can make them feel better once a issue is acknowledged by you but assure them. Sometimes you know it is plain stupid to ask for a 21 year old tutor than a 19 year old tutor. There’s very little difference in tutoring grade. You will need to make yourself seem polite so as not to violate the parent. Envision yourself as a parents lectured by a tuition planner about what not to believe and what to think!