Designer Inspired Handbags For Women’s


First of all there seems to be some confusion around the term designer inspired handbags, for example does it refer to replicas and fakes? The simple answer is a resounding and emphatic NO Replica and fake designer handbags are illegal copies that not only infringe copyright but also have been associated with the seedy underbelly of society, terrorism, child labor etc due to the lack of paper trail involved in many business-to-business transactions. Designer inspired handbags are legitimate handbags that may bare a remarkable resemblance to designer handbags but lack branding and in the majority of cases are not true mirror images.

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There are certainly many benefits to owning or buying a designer inspired handbag over a replica or fake handbag. Not least of which is the legality you can legitimately purchase and carry a designer inspired handbag without fear of legal recriminations. Where as it is not only a criminal offence to sell replica or fake handbags but also to own or even carry one. Legal issues aside designer inspired handbags are great With the credit crunch taking a huge bite out of our disposable incomes there’s often little left over for luxury purchases. Click for more info

However with designer inspired handbags running at an average of five percent of the cost of designer originals you can still afford all the key looks of the season and maintain your personal style. In fact if you are feeling the pinch and can only afford to purchase one fashion item per season a hot, new, on trend handbag is the way to go as you can wear it with any of the classic pieces in your wardrobe (colors permitting of course) and instantly look modern, up to date and chic. If you are a style savvy chick you probably already realize which handbags are hot but just in case here is the low-down for the autumn/ winter season 2008. There are four key trends in fabrics for handbags this autumn/winter as already mentioned soft supple jewel toned suede is really hot and ideal statement piece. In fact pretty much all animal skins and prints are hot and here we encounter another benefit of the designer inspired handbag they rarely feature genuine animal skins so are far less contentious. Lastly as always at t his time of year the allure of the patent handbag is never far away and this year’s contemporary colored patent handbags are delicious.